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Windrunner: By M. Rene Fournier…Coming Soon

“The year is 2040 and earth is without power and technology from continuous solar flares.  This is the only world Vega Clery has ever known. So, when Vega forms a strong bond with a unique sport horse, named Foster, the world she knows becomes foreign and magical. Foster and Vega meet a blind empath, an enchantress, and sarcastic shape-shifter who all believe Vega and Foster, are the next Windrunners – The one horse and rider that can heal the broken earth. But to become the next Windrunner, Vega must find her magic. If she fails, the earth will fall into the hands of those who use dark magic.

 If she fails – she dies. But Vega cannot call on the good energy around her for magic.  Only the dark energy comes easily. Is she destined for dark magic? Or is she the next mighty Windrunner?”

“Her fingers nestled deeper into the bay’s mane. The hood of her cloak fell back. Her hair cascaded forward into her face and then blew back with the horse’s rhythm. They tore through the pines, the earth thundering beneath the bay’s hooves….His presence was a glaring reminder of a different time when horses were bred for recreation. A flashy outcast. A sport horse of the past – the bay was magnificent.”

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